Friday, October 29, 2004

The Birth of Neo-Conservativism

No term has become more abused in recent memory than
'neo-conservatism'. Often used in contemporary media
& among liberals to deride modern Republican Internationalists,
it is thrown about with no reference to its historical origins or meanings. The modern Republican Party emerged from the Depression Era
& World War II chastised for its isolationists tendencies which were codified into law with the Neutrality Act of 1924 and the refusal by the United States Senate to ratify Woodrow Wilson's proposal for a League of Nations embodied in the Versailles Treaty. On September 6 1943 at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island Senator Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan chaired the Mackinac Conferance of Republican leaders who endorsed FDR's proposal for a post-war United Nations. This ended 2 decades of conservative Republican isolationism and began the modern era of
neo-conservativism, i.e. Republican Internationalists, sharing the views of their Democratic co-contemporaries of the of the need for an American active interventionist foreign policy, the foreign policy of Wilson,
Franklin Roosevelt & Truman. An historical markers outside the
Grand Hotel marks the spot as the birthplace of the neo-cons.


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