Friday, June 29, 2001

Inside the Aquarium

Victor Suvorov

Chapter 11

{p. 183} Vautinki {a sharaska*} is a top-secret little town near Moscow, where the GRU's radio-receiving centre is situated. Everything is secret there. Even the cemetery. Vatutinki is paradise. But like a real paradise, it has one inconvenience. There is no way out. Anyone who lands up in Vatutinki can rest assured that he will be buried in that same cemetery and nowhere elegy. A few of those who were sent to that wonderful place spent some time abroad. But their lives don't become anymore varied on that account. All cipher clerks are restricted to very precisely defined areas within an embassy. Each one has his own area...{he} is not allowed to go outside those limits. To do so was a crime—a serious one. And he could certainly no go outside the embassy. {He} would live inside that area for two years and then he would be transported back to Vatutinki, again within a restricted area. He would not travel on his own; he would be sent under guard...Many of those who land up in Vatutinki never go anywhere. And even they are fortunate, compared with the thousands of cipher clerks working in the staffs of military districts, fleets, armies or flotillas. For every one of them Vatutinki would be a beautiful but virtually unachievable dream.

Before 1945 the life of a cipher clerk was different. They had complete freedom. They could go anywhere in the embassy, sometimes even outside (though with an escort, of course). But they were completely free. They even went to Vatutinki for their holidays. After they had served for a year they had a month's leave.

This meant, obviously, that a cipher clerk had plenty of opportunity to escape. In 1945 Igor Guzenko, who was a cipher clerk in the GRU diplomatic residency in Ottawa, took advantage of that freedom.

Guzenko struck the Soviet union a frightful blow, no less serious perhaps than when 190 German divisions were suddenly let loose against the Red Army.

The GRU was operating as usual from the territory of one country against another. Its operation in Canada was directed against the USA. The residency

nobs Ed. * a sharaska is a gulag for skilled and educated persons. See Alexander Solzhenitsyn The First Circle. The Soviet atomic bomb was built in a sharska

{p.184} in Ottawa had achieved the kind of success that no other residency in the world ha achieved. The results of its work were so astounding that all the work of the GRU was handled by the First Deputy Head of the GRU, while the Head of The GRU himself took the Ottawa residency under his personal control and directed its work, reporting on it to Malenkov. Malenkov was unequalled in the power struggle. He was the very incarnation of backstage intrigue and the concentration of power in few hands. He was an unrecognised genius. (In October 1952 Malenkov told the Party that it no longer had any need of a General Secretary. And the party accepted Malenkov's advice, reducing Stalin from the rank of General Secretary to that of an ordinary secretary, of which there were dozens. Malenkov then told the Party that among the various secretaries one should be first. So the Party made Malenkov First Secretary and left Stalin as a simple secretary. Stalin protested, arrested Malenkov's doctor, accused him of espionage and extracted from him a confession that Malenkov was also a spy. But at that point Stalin died in mysterious circumstances, and Malenkov remained First Secretary of the Party, having liberated his doctor and labelled Stalin a madman.)

So in 1945 documents about American atomic secrets were arriving directly on Malenkov's desk. It was at precisely that moment that the cipher clerk Guzenko defected and informed the West of the GRU's achievements.

After that, the cipher clerks had a very rough time. It became impossible of them to defect in any circumstances. Even if an aircraft transporting a cipher clerk burst into flames and began to plunge to the ground, the head of the escort is obliged to shoot the man. In the same way as a diplomatic courier is obliged to break the seal on the container and press the red knob if the security of the container is threatened in any way...

Chapter 15

{p. 241} ...All the people around Lenin — Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Rykov, Bukharin, and Tomsky — had turned out to be a gang of hired murderers, traitors and spies. What had lenin been? Lenin had been the leader of that foul gang. All those who had served Stalin so faithfully had also turned out to be traitors, spies and killers — Yagoda, Yezhov, Beria, Tukhacevsky and Blyuker. Then Stalin himself, as it later appeared, was the greatest criminal of all time and all peoples...


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